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Packing your suitcase: secrets & tips

You don’t see why you should need advice on this matter.” Three underpants (clean), we close, and that’s it! “, do you think. What nay: even stewards and flight attendants sometimes want to tear their hair out in front of the suitcase’s puzzle.
How to master the art of the perfect suitcase?
Everything you need to know, so you don’t forget anything and get everything in.

Which suitcase to choose?

It is where everything will be at stake (and by “everything,” we mean the famous Tetris). The first question you should ask yourself is:

What will my stay look like?

For a trip of fewer than five days: a suitcase with wheels (strong and light) is enough.
For a week or more in the same city or a rental car: a big bag or a suitcase with wheels is the best choice.
For a week or more in a place where you plan to bring a lot of things (souvenirs, crafts, clothes…): a big bag IN a suitcase with wheels is a good idea.
For an itinerant trip (bus, hitchhiking, train…): a backpack of at least 50 L (backpacker type that can be found in any sports shop) is essential.

Several points to check when you buy:

pack your shit brahhhDon’t hesitate to choose a quality suitcase that won’t explode at the slightest impact and whose wheels won’t flicker in the race towards recording. She must be able to take you a decade, not a trip.
If you take the plane, prefer a rigid suitcase: in the hold, the bags are often thrown, tossed or crushed so beware of your personal belongings.

Two elements that will greatly facilitate your journey: the wheels and the telescopic handle!
Be sure to check their empty weight: some suitcases alone weigh several kilos.
If you hesitate between two suitcases of equivalent quality, choose the most conspicuous: you will spot it more easily wherever you are (and less discreet, it will deter thieves a little more).

Many ways to find the meilleur sac a dos randonnée in 2018!

What to put in it?

Before answering this question, one must ask oneself: what should I not put in it? Answers :

The superfluous (do you need this heating blanket?)
The unnecessary and heavy items (do you need this two plates stainless steel stove?)
Being reasonable is one of the keys to a successful suitcase: don’t bring too many clothes, too many shoes or too many beauty products (except in rare cases, you can find primary hygiene products on site). You don’t have to bother.

Attention with limitations

In airplanes, the weight of luggage is subject to strict limitations. If you exceed the weight limit, you will have to pay an overrun fee – usually salty! Check your airline’s official website before you leave (as a general rule, count 20 kilos for checked baggage and 10 kilos for carry-on luggage).

Similarly, cabin baggage dimensions are regulated and often checked at boarding in case of doubt on the part of air agents (as a general rule, dimensions 55 cm (L) x 35 cm (W) x 25 cm (H) apply, but they may vary between airlines).
Note that some low-cost airlines charge for checked baggage and that it is cheaper to pay in advance than once on site. Moreover, the size limits for cabin luggage are sometimes more restrictive than international standards.

The little help: if you have to bring hiking boots or a big coat, put them on the day of departure!

In general, the equation (number of days – 3) works quite well regarding outfits. For example 10 days of holidays – 3 = 7 outfits to plan. From this figure, count more tops than lows because lighter, they allow varying more easily outfits.

Note: A successful suitcase is a suitcase prepared several days in advance. You will be able to see what you are missing or not, what is not essential etc. No unnecessary stress.

How to optimize storage?

Like a modern-day backpacker, you must be able to organize your suitcase without having to sit on it to close it (we have all experienced this moment).

aerial view of the port of fremantle

“Must See” Places in Western Australia

If you are visiting Western Australia, equip yourself with the spirit of experience and interest, since there is nothing regular about this land. You will experience things that you will remember long after the last day of your holiday.

Rottnest Island, also referred to as Rotto, is just about 20 km far from the city of Perth and is truly remarkable. You can find here some of the most stunning beaches worldwide with white sand, blue-green water, reef and astounding undersea world. This island is likewise home to quokka, an extremely rare animal specie and most likely one of the cutest in Australia. Visitors have possibility for numerous activities like surfing, swimming and diving. Rottnest Island is also abundant with cultural and historic heritage like Aboriginal jail, colonial buildings and so on.

church in new morciaNew Norcia is a really distinct place settled about 2 hours of driving from Perth and it is understood for its rich spiritual heritage. In the past 160 years it the place was occupied by benedictine monks and New Norcia is in fact the only monastic city in Australia. The city has amazing architecture, which is a mix of European and Australian architecture style.

Freemantle is a port town, about 20 km from Perth, on the south peak of the Swan River. It was founded in the 9th century and in its early history it was the prominent city of WA. It is known for its special architecture heritage, music, arts and culture. There are likewise celebrations, dining establishment and bars, that all give an unique atmosphere and make this city worth going to.

Monkey Mia is a distinct location and one of few locations in Australia where you have a chance to get so close to wild dolphins. Shark bay Marina Park is the central location of home entertainment and a location where you can reserve a boat tour and sail along various marine types.

Ningaloo Reef covers the location of about 300 km along the western coast of Australia. It is a remarkable place that treasures some of the most gorgeous presents of nature and it is a part of UNESCO World Heritage given that 2008.

Margaret River is well-known for its wines, browsing and incredible scenery. It is all-in-one location; provides you excellent food and taste of fine wines, you can enjoy riding the waves and you can roam through among the breath-taking natural sites like the Gem Caves. This charming destination will offer you all you need to take pleasure in totally your vacation, there will be no time at all for boredom.
Nevertheless, no matter what kind of vacation you desire, you will find many possibilities for amazing experiences here in Western Australia.

snorkeling the ningaloo marine reef

camping outdoor in the wild

Tips For Buying Ozark Trail Camping Tents in 2016

Camping is an enjoyable outdoor activity that is rewarding and very challenging at the same time. Moreover, this kind of outdoor activity is great because you can do it alone or as a group. Another reason as to why most people enjoy camping is because there is a lot of fun activities to engage in such as hiking, cooking, hunting and even fishing. However, before you make your way to any camping site, there are some things that you need to bring along for the trip. This includes things such as cooking accessories, a knife, cooking stove and a tent. A tent is the perfect companion to your outdoor gateways and we will give you an inside on camping tents as well as a place to find tents review ozark trail.

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing Camping Tents

A tent is considered to be the most import piece of gear you should have during such a trip. That is because, with a well set up tent, you can use it as your shelter and protect yourself from hush weather condition. Furthermore, setting up a tent creates a warm place for you to sleep in during your trip. However, choosing a tent for your camping trip is not easy. That is because there are different types of tents meant for camping and the right one for you will depend on where you are going for camping.

After deciding on the type of tent you want for your camping trip, there are other factors that you need to emphasize on when choosing your product. These factors are the size of the tent, the shape as well as the environmental features and weight of the tent.


Size is a critical factor to consider when choosing a tent for your camping trip. The size you choose for your tent will depend on the number of people you are taking along for the trip. If you are camping alone, you can choose a tent that is small, which would be suitable for one person. However, if you are planning to camp together in one tent as a group, then it is advisable that you buy a tent that will be comfortable for everyone.

Shape And Weight Of The Tent

Ozark Trail 8-Person Instant Cabin Tent in the highlandsOzark Trail Tents as well as many other brands are available in two shapes the A-frame shape and the dome shape tents. The most popular shape is the dome because it has around design. However, this type of shelter is difficult to set up compared to the A-frame shape tents. Moreover, a dome shape can also accommodate more people while the A-frame shape tents are usually designed for not more than two people.

Furthermore, if you prefer a tent that is easy to carry then make sure that you choose a tent that is light in terms of weight. However, even though it is not advisable that you choose a heavy tent, be sure to select a tent that is durable as well.

Environmental Features

After deciding the shape and the size of your tent, you also need to decide on the environmental features that you wish your tent to have. That is because some tents are designed to withstand strong weather conditions while other are designed for favorable weather conditions.


Ozark Trail Camping tents can be expensive or affordable and what determines the price tag of each product is the size, style, features and the brand of the tent. However, it is advisable that you find a dealer who is willing to make you a better offer.

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Travel Tips Australia – A Backpacker’s Guide

Have you ever wanted to explore Australia on a tight budget? Well here are all the tips you need to backpack successfully through Australia!
backpackers enjoying a drink by the beachFirst you need to buy a plane ticket to Australia. I found through research a good website to look for deals on airfare is After booking a flight and arriving in Australia, the best way of getting around is public transportation. Unless of course you meet a nice Aussie friend! Now is time to start booking all the hostels you will stay at throughout the course of your travels. Yes, I said hostels. They are not as scary as they seem. Hostels are a cheap and fun way for young people to travel and meet lifelong friends. The people you meet at these will share their favorite places to go in the country.
As for packing, you might not need as much as you think. Packing lightly, but efficiently is the key to successful backpacking. Pack your bag with lots of sunscreens, Advil, BandAids, and all the other necessities to keep you safe. Overall, have a great time exploring the “Land Down Under”.