save a few bucks abroad

Our tips for cheap traveling

Asia, South America, the United States, the Pacific Islands… So many destinations we’d like to see, but we don’t have enough of a life to make all those travel dreams come true. Time is of the essence, but it’s the money that may be lacking!

We love to travel, but our financial capacity is not necessarily up to our desires! That does not stop us. We have more than one trick under the hook to keep exploring the world!

  • Choose the right country
  • Buy your plane ticket
  • Choosing the right credit card
  • Special sales

1. Choose the right country

You may have a specific destination in mind but know that this may not be the best time to go. The causes: currency too strong, a destination in vogue, high season, a country where the cost of living is high, etc…. If your current financial means are limited, prefer a country where life is not expensive on the spot, where it is not the peak tourist season during your dates, where the currency is less strong than the euro.

You now can filter our good deals by departure max budget airport directly on our homepage.

2. Buy your plane ticket

cheap travelingFinally comes the part where you have to break your piggy bank and go to the register!

Two techniques: Either you make fun of the destination and jump on the first cheap good plan that we publish on Voyagespirates.

Either you have chosen your destination and are afraid to pay a high price. To minimize the risk of ruining yourself, prefer departures and returns during the week such as Tuesday to Wednesday, which would be among the cheapest days. Avoid school holidays and rush hours at weekends. For a weekend in a European capital, the best time is from Friday to Monday or from Saturday to Tuesday.

The low season of the year when airline tickets are cheapest is February/March.

The best time to buy your plane ticket is off-peak, for example at night or on Tuesdays at 3 pm, when airlines cut prices. Do your private browsing search to prevent sites from recognizing your IP address and increasing prices on the second visit!

Set alerts for airline ticket sales or watch prices well in advance. For Asia or the Caribbean, it is preferable to take your plane ticket four months in advance.

For long-haul flights, a direct flight will often be more expensive than a flight with a stopover, unless special promotion.

Many factors come into play when buying a cheap flight ticket but keep in mind that you need flexibility in flight times and times, and if you don’t want to spend hours comparing and searching, watch our offers as we do it every day!

3. Choosing the right credit card

Almost all flight comparators add bank charges at the very last stage of booking. The price changes the moment the credit card type is specified, so be sure to check before entering your card numbers. Debit cards have no bank charges like Visa Debit or Maestro. All other Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc. cards are charged up to 50€!

Tip? Compare booking sites… Some charge less than others. Expedia for example always displays the final price with card fees included.

Also, there are loyalty programs like FyingBlue in partnership with American Express. Each purchase with your card will earn you miles to redeem at AirFrance or all their partner airlines, and even on hotels, shops, car rental companies, etc….

4. Special sales

All airlines make flash sales and promotional offers, just be aware as they do not last long and impose a reservation deadline and a travel period. If you follow us assiduously, you will not miss them because we monitor every day this type of offers!

Company newsletters also keep you up to date on upcoming offers.

Hope these quick tips will help you in your journey!