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Packing your suitcase: secrets & tips

You don’t see why you should need advice on this matter.” Three underpants (clean), we close, and that’s it! “, do you think. What nay: even stewards and flight attendants sometimes want to tear their hair out in front of the suitcase’s puzzle.
How to master the art of the perfect suitcase?
Everything you need to know, so you don’t forget anything and get everything in.

Which suitcase to choose?

It is where everything will be at stake (and by “everything,” we mean the famous Tetris). The first question you should ask yourself is:

What will my stay look like?

For a trip of fewer than five days: a suitcase with wheels (strong and light) is enough.
For a week or more in the same city or a rental car: a big bag or a suitcase with wheels is the best choice.
For a week or more in a place where you plan to bring a lot of things (souvenirs, crafts, clothes…): a big bag IN a suitcase with wheels is a good idea.
For an itinerant trip (bus, hitchhiking, train…): a backpack of at least 50 L (backpacker type that can be found in any sports shop) is essential.

Several points to check when you buy:

pack your shit brahhhDon’t hesitate to choose a quality suitcase that won’t explode at the slightest impact and whose wheels won’t flicker in the race towards recording. She must be able to take you a decade, not a trip.
If you take the plane, prefer a rigid suitcase: in the hold, the bags are often thrown, tossed or crushed so beware of your personal belongings.

Two elements that will greatly facilitate your journey: the wheels and the telescopic handle!
Be sure to check their empty weight: some suitcases alone weigh several kilos.
If you hesitate between two suitcases of equivalent quality, choose the most conspicuous: you will spot it more easily wherever you are (and less discreet, it will deter thieves a little more).

Many ways to find the meilleur sac a dos randonnée in 2018!

What to put in it?

Before answering this question, one must ask oneself: what should I not put in it? Answers :

The superfluous (do you need this heating blanket?)
The unnecessary and heavy items (do you need this two plates stainless steel stove?)
Being reasonable is one of the keys to a successful suitcase: don’t bring too many clothes, too many shoes or too many beauty products (except in rare cases, you can find primary hygiene products on site). You don’t have to bother.

Attention with limitations

In airplanes, the weight of luggage is subject to strict limitations. If you exceed the weight limit, you will have to pay an overrun fee – usually salty! Check your airline’s official website before you leave (as a general rule, count 20 kilos for checked baggage and 10 kilos for carry-on luggage).

Similarly, cabin baggage dimensions are regulated and often checked at boarding in case of doubt on the part of air agents (as a general rule, dimensions 55 cm (L) x 35 cm (W) x 25 cm (H) apply, but they may vary between airlines).
Note that some low-cost airlines charge for checked baggage and that it is cheaper to pay in advance than once on site. Moreover, the size limits for cabin luggage are sometimes more restrictive than international standards.

The little help: if you have to bring hiking boots or a big coat, put them on the day of departure!

In general, the equation (number of days – 3) works quite well regarding outfits. For example 10 days of holidays – 3 = 7 outfits to plan. From this figure, count more tops than lows because lighter, they allow varying more easily outfits.

Note: A successful suitcase is a suitcase prepared several days in advance. You will be able to see what you are missing or not, what is not essential etc. No unnecessary stress.

How to optimize storage?

Like a modern-day backpacker, you must be able to organize your suitcase without having to sit on it to close it (we have all experienced this moment).